Field Trips Include:

  • Booker T Washington State Park

  • Coolidge Park

  • Chattanooga Zoo

  • Ruby Falls

  • SuperFly

  • Weekly Movies

  • Swimming

  • And More . . .


The teen segment of our day camp focuses on providing daily activities that keep your teen active. We seek to foster sharing, caring, responsibility and respect in a friendly, safe and fun environment. Campers learn the value in self and others.

Our sports element is designed to build on your child's physical ability while providing them the edge they need to succeed to reach their greatest potential. We cultivate every aspect of their development into young adults and beyond.

                                   Through their interaction with trainers and                                            collegiate athletes, our campers get “the edge

                                    in perfecting skills in key sports and other

                                    activities, all designed so that everyone

                                    improves, no matter their experience level.

                                                                                             Activities include football, basketball, baseball                                       and tennis.



At Camp Victory, our goal is to make all of our campers summer as educational as it is fun. And our younger campers are no exception. Our program and curriculum are designed to do just that through themed events, activities and trips. From preschool through elementary, your child will enjoy developmental activities. We reinforce what he or she has learned in school while ensuring that their learning remains exciting and fun.

Camp Victory seeks to turn your child’s ordinary summer vacation into a summer of exploration and adventure. Our programs inspire imagination through activities, field trips and special events. We approach even our youngest camper in the spirit of the gospel in an effort to provide a caring and loving environment.

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Weekly Themes

- Career

- SafetyArts

- Sports

- Culinary

- Movies

- Around The World

Weekly Events

- Monday - Park Day

- Tuesday - Sports Court

- Wednesday - Swimming

- Thursday - FUN Educational Day

- Friday - Field Trips